He Who Clicks The Keys…

…It’s pretty simple, really.  It’s just me,  Andrew Newberg (who will sign his name “A. L. Newberg” because “Andrew Newberg” has been stolen.  Actually, not stolen, but, well…let’s just say outperformed. The “other” Andrew Newberg, the Dr. Andrew Newberg is a leading Neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania who studies the existence of God in the brain.  Pretty light stuff.  Admirable, interesting — fascinating without a doubt, but the dude publishes and lectures and has knocked me into the lowest rungs of Googleland.  I am on the rural outskirts of my own identity.  I’m an “Andrew Newberg” who’s watching another “Andrew Newberg” impress, inspire and educate.  This all said.  All’s fair in this game of existence, so, I feel the need to uphold my representation of Andrew Newberg.  Time to contribute in honor of my name.  So, I shall, as A. L. Newberg.)

I have chosen to write a blog titled after a warm-up exercise I used to do as an actor and implemented when I was a teacher.  It’s called “Paper Ball.”  Very simple.  The goal is to keep the paper ball in the air as long as possible.  Everyone involved, must be involved.  Each person must count out loud in unison when the ball is successfully kept aloft and it cannot be hit by consecutively by the same person.  That’s it.  It rallies people, it awakens competition, it ratchets up awareness.  It makes you deal with whatever comes your way.  It unifies, it focuses and it’s addicting.  How does it apply to a blog?  For me, life serves up its own paper ball (I’ll pause to let this metaphor land in all its profundity.  All good?  Good.) So, with whatever comes my way — I’ll take my swipe.

The first rule of blogging is to pick a niche, a theme and stay with it.  My theme is no theme.  It’s slice of life at its best based on the random dance of a paper ball in the air.

At least that’s the story I’m sticking with.

Here goes.


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