It’s like a delivery room…for books.

Today, at McNally-Jackson Books, @52 Prince Street, NY, NY a birthing is set to happen…if you pay a fee…yeah, this is sounding stranger and stranger by the minute. The book that I’ve co-created with Lauren Agostino “Holding Kryptonite: Truth, Justice and America’s First Superhero” is in the belly of the Espresso Book Machine and as soon as you place your order, the contractions begin…soon, full-on labor, and then, a crisp and clean, copy of a brand new book.  It’s exactly what we all learned about in 5th grade health.

If you’re in New York City and you’re hanging down around Prince, Mulberry, Lafayette, and Broadway…pop in to McNally-Jackson and check out Lady Espresso behind the glass doing all the work.


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