The High and Mighty Pencil

I am a Number 1, #2.

Okay, okay — yes, I could be doing other things than writing about writing instruments — but if the designated lead number fits…

Is Dixon Ticonderoga the world’s best pencil? I mean, there’s a just a little bit of hubris under that velvety pink eraser, don’t you think? You mean to tell me that there’s not some wood nymph working on some magical pencil right now that just ENHANCES the world of wooden pencils? Or did he need to pick up printer paper at his local Staples and for a goof, looked at the “other” pencils, by chance catching a glimpse of Dixon’s claim, thereby getting downcast to only go home, to his tree, in his magical land, and snap the TRUE world’s best pencil he was crafting across his little wood nymph knee.

Me, I like Mirado Black Warrior’s, that was before Papermate took it over.  I don’t know, it just seems that I associate Papermate with pens.  Do they deserve the “‘cil?”

My golden letters make me hard to photograph. I'm awesome.

Not sure.  But “Black Warrior?” that’s a cool name for a pencil.  I’m not the only one that finds the search for the greatest pencils interesting.  I don’t have the links handy, but I once spent a whole night reading blogs and comments about the merits of some pencils and the scorn upon others.

How ’bout you’s?  How do you like your pencil?  State your case.


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