Launched Today on Amazon and iTunes
Launched Today on Amazon and iTunes

We’re on the Shelf!  It’s an “e” shelf, but a shelf nonetheless.

I have been MIA from the blogworld for quite a long time.  Well, one of the many things that I’ve been busy with is the writing, self-publishing, and of this post — a soft-launch of an ebook that’s been in process for 6 years.  Holding Kryptonite: Truth, Justice and America’s First Superhero is now available on half the ebook markets today:  Amazon (on sale!), iTunes, and Kobo…(I don’t know who that is, but it’s a nice site.)  In about a week, this title will be available on BN, Google Books, and Blio…(same deal…nice site, but I’m not sure who they are.)

Keeping this short, but as we update and get more info, it’ll be on our website

If you’re a writer and you’ve dabbled with the idea of self-publishing and all that goes along with it, I’m planning on sharing my experiences.

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