Gonna Yawp ’til I Drop


Chill the cyber Dom.

After debating what the perfect first post would be –that perfect string of words setting itself  in your mental lip like a blog-hook barbed with intrigue — I decided to just start writing.  The debate lasted close to a month (this, after rushing my tech-savvy and generous friend to help me get a blog up and started, which he did back on Jan 9th.  Thank you, Troy.  Thank you MetaFoundry — an amazing company.) And so, with a simple “Add Post” I begin.

Is there an echo?

I am fully aware that starting a blog is akin to standing in an empty parking structure reading my own words out load with nothing but acoustical feedback sounding strangely familiar…but then, there was you.  Without you, I’d be vocalizing in such a cavern.  If someone  blogs  about a tree falling in a forest, does anyone read it?

Love at first site.

Thanks for coming to The Paper Ball.  I explain a little in the “He Who Clicks The Keys” section why I call my site “The Paper Ball” — in short, I’m just one of millions vying for your eyeballs.  Thanks for sending them this way.  I plan on getting more familiar with posting photos, linking to other cool sites, giving props to all the great stuff out there that I admire — but a start is a start is a start.

Cover the MacBook with Saran Wrap.

When I hit “Publish” what I hope will be a good read, a nice diversion, something that you would want to check in on once a once will be the champagne smashing on the bow of the U.S.S. Paper Ball.  Thanks again for coming.  Check back soon because The Paper Ball has left the harbor (of course, there’s nothing more confusing that mixing my ultimate metaphor of The Paper Ball and its unpredictable flight with a nautical theme to wrap up my very first post.  Land.  Sea.  Air.  Is it all so different in the end?)

— A.L.N.

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