What a Show!

Curtains. Silence.

(Not sure if this has any bearing on this article, but, I’m diminutive in size.  I’m about 39 inches tall, and 4 years old, but, you know what they say “Have internet access, domain name,  and good encryption software — will travel.” )

Well, I don’t mind telling you all that I’m a HUGE fan of the theater.  I go quite often — I’m a virtual denizen of the floorboards.  The lights, the greasepaint, the velvet chairs — it’s my cathedral.  My sanctuary.  My private little place to sit and watch those poor players strut and fret across the raked stages of great story.  Yes, I know that I am young, but, is there any better time to introduce the world of sandbags and footlights to the eyes and ears and soul of a human being?

What?  Would you rather I sit and get yelled instructions by “Drill Sergeant Dora” as she marches us in thirds across the mind-numbing tedium of returning the baby bird to it’s mother, or returning the baby calf to it’s mother, or baby X to mother X?  (I haven’t really had much experience with algebra, but all you have to do is substitute some animal for X and you’ve got the dramatis personae right there.)  I mean, are you reading this?.  I’m 4 years old!  Do you think “Wow Wow Wubzzy” would cultivate such a love of language?


Theater.  Theater is the pure elixir that slakes my thirst for any and all questions I have.

Anyway…I was able to capture some of the magic from the latest show that I saw, I want to share it with you.  Forgive my running commentary, and please realize that I know all too well that theatricality is in the eye of the beholder.  One man’s Brecht, is another man’s Williams.

But, I digress….

On with the show!

(Special thanks to the nice gentleman who, unbeknownst to him, allowed me to usage of his iPhone which has a splendid camera.  I will return it, next time we are sitting near each other.)

Can you even believe the set for this show?  I mean, the craftsmanship alone — but the incredible detail (see below) was just ravishing and second to none.

First of all, kudos to the lighting designer who’s light touch (yes, pun included) was present, but not overly…bright.  I felt as if I was beholden to a lighting miracle.  (photo below may be fuzzy, because I took it when I was sobbing.)

The director, brilliant as she may be, provided the only flaw in the whole show.  Why make the choice to embrace the main character’s inability to “get what he wants” instead of “pursuing what he needs.”  Maybe it’s just me, but, if the character can’t get what he seeks…leave the stage.  I’m splitting hairs, I know that.

The piece itself is just amazing.  A photo can’t show the joy, sorrow, laughter, anxiety or fear a production may bring to its audience.  But, in an instant, I think the following moment, captured by me and my quick shutter, says it all.

For all those critics who said this type of thing would never reach the stage.  I leave you with the following…

…yeah, I thought you’d say that.

What a joy to be able to share these candid shots with you.

To my other 4 year-olds out there:

Break free from that cathode ray tube nipple and see some theater.

It’ll make you feel young again.


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