Blogus Interruptus

"Don't be too hard on yourself--this happens to a lot of bloggers."

Pick one:

  • The kids came through the door.
  • The answering machine picked up and it was a long message from your elderly neighbor asking to borrow some lineament oil for her sore (and chaffed) hip.
  • Work has run you ragged.
  • You have a headache.
  • You feel fat.
  • You feel hungry.
  • The DVR is filling up and there’s a palpable panic of losing episodes.
  • Right when you’re ready to get it on, life beckons.  It calls.  It shouts.  It whines.

There just ain’t no way you’re playin’ tickety-tack on them there keys.

Turn off the music.

Snuff the candle.

Save that idea for another day.

…Until at least, that blog of yours is “in the mood.”

Oysters on the Keyboard

It’s easy to get sidetracked.  Easier to get completely waylaid and lean back with a “I’ll post something tomorrow” cushion in your mind and drift off to sleep.  Well, there’s got to be some aphrodisiac that’ll jump-start the writing process.  Some secret music to coax the fingers and mind to do a dance in Qwertyland.  Then again, instead of trying to find a “way” a “spell” a “charm” a “incantation.”  There’s this little thing called Occam’s Razor — the principle of parsimony.  Loosely translated:  The easiest answer if usually the right answer.  So, were I to lather up my face and take a shave — I’d find out that the answer to finding time to write, is to…write.

“Without the nicks and cuts of a blade.”

That’s the key.  The magic spell.  The answer.  Just do.  Find the time and do.  Now, it doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t lower expectations a bit…for example, up ’til now, I’ve written pretty long entries.  I’ve enjoyed them, but, many people are fighting for a couple of seconds…and asking them to sit and read for several page clicks is asking a bit much.  So…I’m revamping my approach.

The Blog Diet

Grazing is what I’m after.  No more big heavy meals every week and a half.  I think little bits.  The bite-size-blog-size is what I’ll aim for.  What’s on the shopping list:  The usual, everything and anything…a slice of life, but one that has the fat cut from it’s portion.  Whatever the topic, I’ll try to limit it to less than a 500 caloric-word intake.

“Geeze, thanks for the insight…”

I know.  Who cares?  Right?  So what if I’ve decided to revamp the way I work on this thing — how does it impact you and why write about it?”

Probably more for me, than you.  A reminder.  A reminder for myself trapped in a Web (yes, yes, I understand that I can “remove a post” but I’d rather hang this as a cyber-sign.)


So, I wanted to explain my absence and virtual abstinence from creating and learning and writing and doing.



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