I told a little bird…

By Marek Sotak

Hey Blog, I’m home…

Okay, it’s time that I enter the WordPress confessional and start off with an earnest “forgive me blogosphere, it has been three months since my last posting.”

It’s pretty lame to have a blog and not use it.  For a writer, it’s like having a Bo-flex sitting in the corner gathering dust…the postings are a great way to work out, and a writer writes, right?

Well, I have written in fact, one of the things that I wrote with my writing partner and another friend and stood in awe as his wife and he wrangled a great cast, edited, produced and acted in a pilot we all created made some noise.  It’s called “Gentrification” (Trailer) and at the New York Independent Television Festival it was awarded “Best Writing.”  It’s always nice to get some recognition outside of relatives and friends who know I’m one step away from breaking all my pencils and calling it a day.  Not really, but sometimes the journey can get bumpy, and for over 10 years it’s included my wife…my son…my daughter…my dog, add my side of the family, her side of the family and pretty soon, there’s train car after train car following me along, but also there to give the old engine momentum when I start to slow.

The point of this post is to let you all know that instead of focusing on longer Bo-Flex entries…I decided to get one of those hand squeezy things…or the writing equivalent: a Twitter account.  Yes, I know, I thought the same thing:  Why would anyone want to follow anyone?  Well, turns out, it’s a great way to get little blasts of knowledge without the excessive “so and so is sending you some virtual chicken soup” or “Hey, Darla just milked a cow in her farm” or “X just found a bedazzling jewel worth 4000 buckets of ‘I don’t care'” that tends to dig an annoyance moat around my Facebook experience.  I love the pulse of Facebook, the ability to reach out now and again to friends flown far and wide.  I laugh at the status updates and am intrigued at some of the threads…but until I figure out how to “opt-out” of the Facebook flotsam, I’m still a casual

The Twitter thing is good for me, because it limits me to less than 140 characters.  When I take a picture, even less.  I tend to get a little (okay a lot) gregarious.  I set a large plate…now, I can serve up some finger-food.

If you Twitter, Tweet, or just follow the blue bird…I’m @thepaperball.

I’ll still come back here to pump some heavy blog, but on a daily basis, I’m all about more reps at a lighter weight.


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